Programming the RaspberryPi controlling the car

ROS Raspi Car

This blog shows my current progress on turning a remote controlled car into an autonomous robot. A RaspberryPi 4 runs ROS Noetic and sends pwm signals to the throttle and steering of the rc car via a 16 channel servo driver board. The goal is to teach the robot how to navigate autonomously in its environment to a desired point. Follow this project on GitHub via

This is what was done so far:

  • install image with Ubuntu and ROS Noetic from
  • convert twist messages from the /cmd_vel topic to ackermann messages on the /ackermann_cmd topic
  • convert ackermann messages from the /ackermann_cmd topic to pwm values on /command topic of the servo driver
  • send the pwm values to the servo driver board to control the throttle and steering
  • install the ROS-Mobile Android App so you can control your car with your phone and add the joystick widget
  • drive the car around via your phone

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