Toilet Roll Holder Made from Satnav Mount

March 2022

I love reusing old things for new purposes other than they were originally intended. It’s like breathing new life into something thought dead. In the past, this mount, which has both a suction cup and a ball joint, was used to attach a navigation system to a car window. Since the satnav itself no longer worked, there was also no longer a use for the mount – until now! Some days ago I had the idea of turning it into a toilet paper holder. That was great, because we didn’t have one in our lavaratory yet. You can see the result here. How have you resurrected discarded things by giving them a new identity?

This former satnav mount is now proudly serving toilet paper.
The toilet paper holder is simply made from metal brackets, screws & nuts and zip ties. Two bottle lids function as bearings.

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