Wrap Container

I really love wraps! My colleagues at work know that for sure. It’s a pleasure to prepare the wrap by spreading it on the table, add some sauces, my favourite spices, cheese, meat and vegetables. Such a wrap is what I am looking forward to when the clock reaches lunch time. For weeks I used paper bags in order to take them to work. When they ran out in our kitchen, I switched to some plastic bags I still could find. But either I was producing unnecessary garbage, or the bread of the wrap was becoming slouchy. Therefore I have designed this wrap container for not only being able to store and transport my lovely prepared delicacies, but also letting it breathe and moisture exit the container. The looking mechanism is unique: The container consists of two identical halves, which are still interlocking in both directions: clockwise and counterclockwise. The print for one halve took almost eleven hours with a layer height of 0.2 mm. Supports are only needed for the locking mechanism, not for the breathing holes. I really enjoy having designed and printed a useful part, that I have already used several times and still works flawlessly. Just a small advice: You can use Tipp-Ex to fill the imprint of the interlocking symbols and make a dot on one of the halves, so you later know, where the top and bottom of the wrap is. Enjoy downloading and making your own one by clicking on the link below.